Wireless LED Bluetooth Speaker Night Lamp Alarm Clock


Emitting Color: Black
Color: US Plug
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Introducing the Wireless LED Bluetooth Speaker Night Lamp Alarm Clock – a versatile and innovative lighting solution that combines functionality with style. This lamp is designed to enhance your living space with its array of features.

With an input voltage of 12V/2.5A, this lamp offers convenient wireless charging capabilities, supporting various output levels ranging from 5W to 15W. Additionally, it features an LED output of 10W, providing ample illumination for your workspace or room.

The lamp also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker with a power output of 3W, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music wirelessly. Its ABS+PC construction ensures durability and a sleek aesthetic. You can choose from three elegant color options: black, white, and light gray, to match your decor.

With a wide selection of 256 lighting modes, this lamp creates a captivating and colorful atmosphere in your space. Control all the lamp's functions conveniently through the dedicated mobile app, including music rhythm pickup, clock, and alarm clock features.

Upgrade your home with the Wireless LED Bluetooth Speaker Night Lamp Alarm Clock. Elevate your surroundings with stunning lighting effects and enjoy the seamless integration of music and illumination in one stylish package.

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