Multi-Functional Cleaning Brush with Soap Dispenser


Color: White And Green
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Introducing the Multi-Functional Cleaning Brush with Soap Dispenser - a game-changer in kitchen cleaning! This 2-in-1 brush with a soap dispenser includes two spare brush heads for versatile use. With PP silk and cloth brush heads, you're equipped for any cleaning task.

The all-in-one design simplifies your cleaning routine - fill it with washing-up liquid by unscrewing the handle's end, and the soap dispensing button is integrated, ensuring no leaks. Easy to use, just press the button for liquid release, and when done, hang it on a hook to keep it dry.

This brush is safe for non-stick cookware, pots, pans, dishes, and more, thanks to the PP wire and cloth brush heads. Its high-quality materials, including a thermoplastic rubber dispenser button and ergonomic handle, guarantee comfort and durability. Choose from white and red or white and green. Elevate your cleaning game with this kitchen gadget!

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