Portable Mini Clip-on USB Desktop Fan


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Introducing the Portable Mini Clip-on USB Desktop Fan, a compact and versatile cooling solution for your workspace or home. Powered by USB, this fan offers convenient and hassle-free operation. Its clip-on design allows for easy attachment to various surfaces, keeping you cool wherever you go.

With two wind speed gears, you can adjust the airflow to your liking. The mechanical operation ensures simplicity and reliability. The fan also supports charging, providing flexibility in power options. Its lightweight construction and small size make it highly portable, perfect for travel or use on your desk.

The Mini Clip-on USB Desktop Fan features a sturdy clip that securely attaches to surfaces, preventing it from falling. With a net cover diameter of 110mm and a power rating of 3W, it delivers a refreshing breeze without taking up much space. Stay comfortable and cool with this convenient and efficient clip-on fan.

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