Double Sided Mini Wireless Keyboard and Touchpad


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Introducing the H20 Touch Keyboard, a double-sided mini wireless keyboard that brings convenience and versatility to your fingertips. This compact keyboard offers a range of features that enhance your typing and navigation experience.

With its 2.4GHz Air Mouse and wireless keyboard functionality, you can effortlessly control your devices from a distance. The 6-Axis Inertia Sensors support motion sensor games, adding a new dimension to your gaming experience.

The H20 Keyboard features 69 keys, including a backlit silicone material button for easy visibility in low-light conditions. The full touchpad panel allows smooth and precise cursor control, while multimedia control keys provide convenient access to your favorite functions.

Change the backlit color with a simple touch and hold gesture using four fingers, or use the FN+ Sun combination to turn the backlit on or off. Please note that for orange letter functions, you need to press the FN key to activate them.

The H20 Touch Keyboard is equipped with a rechargeable polymer Lithium-ion battery, ensuring long-lasting usage. It connects via USB 2.0 and is compatible with HID-compatible USB HOST devices. The keyboard supports various systems, including Windows XP, Vista, 7/8/10, Linux, and Android OS.

The package includes the H20 Wireless Keyboard, USB wireless receiver, USB charging cable, and a user manual for easy setup and usage. Upgrade your typing and navigation experience with the H20 Touch Keyboard, a compact and feature-rich solution for your device control needs.

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