Portable Electric Eyelash Curler Makeup tool


Color: Pink
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Introducing the ultimate addition to your beauty routine - the Portable Electric Eyelash Curler Makeup Tool! Experience the epitome of convenience with its Quick Heating and Easy Use feature. In just 10 seconds, this lash-heated curler transforms your lashes, and thanks to the Sensing Heating Silicone Pad, discomfort is a thing of the past.

Powered by innovation, this curler is Portable USB Rechargeable, packing a 230mAh punch for 60 minutes of continuous use. With automatic power-off after 5 minutes of inactivity, it's both smart and efficient. With 2 Temperature Settings (65℃/149°F and 85℃/185°F), catering to every lash type becomes effortless - just switch modes with a press!

Achieve a Long-Lasting Lift like never before, as the ergonomic design and heating function redefine eyelash enhancement. Elevate your lash game, whether you're a model, singer, or everyday beauty enthusiast. And when you're done, slip it into your bag or pocket, making modern, alluring lashes a reality wherever you go. Say goodbye to lackluster lashes; say hello to sensational stares!

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