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Discover the ultimate Pet Grooming Glove, a game-changer for pet care! Designed by pet lovers, this 2-in-1 Grooming and Deshedding Glove simplifies grooming while providing your furry friend with a soothing massage. It's not just a glove, but a daily necessity for a cleaner, healthier home. Reduce shedding, dander, and allergens in the air, leading to a happier and stress-free life for your pet.

The glove guarantees a gentle grooming experience, leaving your pet with a lustrous coat. The innovative design suits dogs, cats, horses, and rabbits of all hair types. Embrace the ease with adjustable straps, breathable mesh lining, and easy cleaning. Elevate your pet's life with the Pet Grooming Glove - the perfect gift for both pets and their owners. Package includes one pair of pet hair remover glove for both hands.


  • Multi-function Grooming Glove
  • Five-Finger Design for Right Hand
  • Enhanced 255 Soft Rubber Tips
  • Breathable and Fast-Drying Mesh Lining
  • Adjustable velcro Wrist Strap (One Size Fits All)
  • Lightweight and Machine Washable, Easy to Clean
  • Flexible, Slip-On Design, Easy to Use
  • Product Package
  • One pair of pet hair remover gloves

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