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Introducing the Portable Nutritional Blender, a convenient and versatile solution for fresh fruit juice on the go. This rechargeable blender is designed with portability in mind, featuring a wireless and compact design that allows you to enjoy delicious juice anytime and anywhere.

With its USB-C technology, this electric juicer can be easily charged, ensuring you never run out of power. Take it to outdoor camps, picnics, or simply use it at home for a refreshing juice experience with just one click.

Experience higher juice yield with this electric citrus juicer. It uses a slow-speed system to extract juice, preserving the pure taste of the fruit. Say goodbye to artificial flavors and enjoy the natural goodness of fresh juice.

The juicer extractor is easy to use and clean. It is assembled in several detachable parts for effortless separation and cleaning. A brush is included to assist with the cleaning process. Please note that the main body should not be washed, but can be wiped with a wet cloth.

Compact in size, this juicer does not take up much space. Carry it with you to picnics or keep it at home for a quick and nutritious juice fix any time of the day.

Product Information:

  • Power: 45W
  • Material: ABS/AS
  • Voltage: 7.4 V
  • Battery: 1200 mA
  • Charging: USB charging


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