Glass Water Bottle with Tea Infuser 450ml


Color: Black 450ml
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Introducing the Glass Water Bottle with Tea Infuser, the perfect companion for tea lovers on the go. This sleek and functional glass bottle is designed to enhance your tea-drinking experience with its innovative features.

The tea water separation design allows you to conveniently brew tea using the tea warehouse. Simply add your favorite tea leaves or herbs, and let them infuse for a flavorful and refreshing drink. The stainless steel tea strainer effectively blocks tea dregs, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable tea experience.

Crafted from high borosilicate glass, this bottle is not only durable but also heat-resistant and cold-resistant. It can withstand a temperature difference of -20 degrees to 100 degrees, making it suitable for both hot and cold beverages. The double glass design provides excellent heat insulation and prevents scalding, allowing you to hold the bottle comfortably.

With its sealed and leak-proof design, you can confidently carry this bottle in your bag without worrying about water leakage. It's also easy to clean with its disassembled parts that leave no dead ends.

The Glass Water Bottle With Tea Infuser Filter features a portable rope for easy lifting, ensuring convenience wherever you go. Available in various colors, you can choose the one that suits your style and preferences.

Enjoy the convenience, versatility, and elegance of this leakproof water bottle, perfect for tea enthusiasts on the move.

Bottle Capacity: 450ml

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